Preventing porch pirates

More and more Americans are using the internet to shop and this means more packages being delivered to their home. The problem is with this is that many times the consumer is not home or available when the purchases are being delivered and this leaves them susceptible to theft. According to a survey conducted by Insurance Quotes, they found that 26.1 million Americans fell victim to purchases being stolen off of their front porch. 

With the proper knowledge and tools, you can help prevent the possibility of package theft at your home with a few helpful tips 

Tip #1: Schedule deliveries when someone is home

If possible schedule your deliveries when someone is home and available to accept your packages. 

Tip #2: Ship items to your work

When it is not possible to be home to receive your deliveries, shipping them to work or to a family member’s home is the next best option to ensure that they are received.

Tip #3: Use Video Doorbell

The Ring™ Doorbell is a perfect option to have when you need to ensure the delivery of your packages and to ensure they remain safe on your front porch. The motion alerts can give you the detour a would be robber. 

Tip #4 Utilize virtual neighborhood watch

The Ring™ Doorbell app also offers a neighborhood watch that will allow you and your neighbors to track when there has been suspicious activity. 

The Nextdoor™ App also allows neighbors to share crimes that have occurred as well as suspicious activity in the area. The app provides users links to sites that allow them to view crime maps that provides an at a glance look of trends in the area.  Below shows a map of crimes committed in the Hamburg/Richmond Road area in the last couple of weeks.

Blue House- Home Burglary
Blue Building- Commercial Burglary
Green Car- Auto Larceny